for the consumer

The system is easy and intuitive to use for every consumer. LateBird offers the option of placing an order either on the computer, tablet or smartphone or directly on the LateBird.


Because it's easy

Orders placed on a tablet or smartphone mean that the goods are reserved in the selected LateBird for a certain period of time. As a result, the customer also knows that he will receive all the products that he has ordered.

Pick up your favorite goods at any time!

In addition, every possibility is given to do the shopping during the lunch break, on the way home in the train or before and after the sporty compensation and then pick up your shopping in minutes at the LateBird.

Best freshness

The LateBird offers its customers the opportunity to buy goods in the freshest form. This is ensured by more than 3 (up to 14) different heating, cooling and freezing zones from +40 degrees to -18 degrees. Fresh fruit and vegetables, refrigerator products, frozen items as well as lukewarm baked goods can be placed in the shopping cart. And a hot drink to round off the shopping experience