Just a container?

The autonomous and full automatic purchasing system.


Our world is changing at breakneck speed in many new directions, especially in certain human behavior. LateBird's mission is exclusively dedicated to shopping behavior.

24 hours 7 days a week.

Customers today have changed and new working time models, the leisure models have adapted to this, but the shop opening hours have not adapted to this. This means that if we have adapted our leisure model to the circumstances, we only have very limited options to adapt our shopping behavior due to shop opening times.

For this reason, our development on the LateBird system began in 2017. The LateBird is not a vending machine as it has been known for many years. The LateBird System is a complete solution for shopping today. Regardless of whether it is about everyday groceries, drugstore goods, do-it-yourself accessories or even pet supplies. The LateBird can be used for the entire retail sector

The standard

The standard LateBird is based on a 36m² special container which can hold approx. 650 different products.

Up to 10,000 articles in a LateBird for the consumer.