for the operator

Retailers or retail chains are enabled to give their customers additional shopping opportunities. And this 24 hours a day with a very diverse range of products.



With the LateBird it is also possible not only to set up a “standalone” module, but also to integrate this system seamlessly into existing shops and stores as well as other buildings with high frequency and demand.

Carefree package

With this overall solution, all challenges in terms of operation, maintenance, logistics, and merchandise management systems are also taken into account and solved.

This means that an “all-round carefree package” is available for every operator. All services that he does not want or cannot provide himself will be solved by our LateBird teams.

The LateBird Services

Professional Services

Do you need help planning the right location or choosing the right products? We help you to set up your system.

Architectural planning

  • LateBird configuration (planning of the system components)
  • Location recommendation

Product planning

  • Storage plan for all products in the LateBird
  • Product recommendation

Web-Shop Design

  • Individual design according to customer requirements

IT Services

  • Integration into existing systems

Maintenance services

We maintain your system. Our on-site service helps you maintain components or carry out new updates on the system.

  • Preventive maintenance of mechanical and electronic components
  • On-site service (installation, commissioning, training)
  • Remote monitoring
  • Updates (payment system, control panels, system)
  • Individual maintenance packages

Technical service

Do you have a fault or a defect? Our technicians can be reached by phone or directly on site.

  • In the event of a technical malfunction / defect
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Availability by telephone
  • On-site service
  • Service packages tailored to the customer


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