Our management team has over 300 years of professional experience.

Only if the quality and specialist knowledge of all employees in the respective departments are outstanding we can offer you the quality of a LateBird that we stand for. We are a mixture of experienced managers, highly trained engineers and the most technically skilled colleagues from all departments.

For us, teamwork is a strategic decision, because nobody is as smart as the team together.

Markus Belte

CEO / Founder

Jennifer Minnich

Assistant management

Pemela Suchanek

Human Ressources

Sabine Gausemeier

Marketing / PR Managerin

Fabian Sprenger


Bajdin Avdylaj

Digital Integration Manager

Mouad Benabdennour

Magento 2 Entwickler

Sebastian Brzeski

Digital Design Manager

Dragan Bacic

Projekt Consultant

Dragan Tomas

Director Business Technology

Matthias Hieb

Senior Manager Digital Development

Norbert Ciazynski

Produktion - Montage

Alexander Sommer

Leitung Produktion - Montage

Andreas Kenf

Produktion - Montage

Jost Wilken

Produktion - Montage

Alexander Zimmermann

Produktion - Montage

Fin Schwarzer

Apprentice - industrial mechanic

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